Object-Oriented Bibliography


Object-Oriented Analysis/Design/Programming
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Object-Oriented Modeling and Design, Rumbaugh, et. al., Prentice Hall, pp 500, ISBN 0136298419; Emphasis is on Object Modeling. Good discussions of Dynamic Modeling too. Less emphasis on Functional modeling. Also contains information on design (both System and Object)

Object-Oriented System Design with Applications, Booch, Benjamin/Cummings Publ. Co., pp 580, ISBN 0805300910; Emphasis is on concepts and analysis; Contrary to title, does not have much on actual design

Object Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications, 2nd Ed., Booch,Benjamin/Cummings Publ. Co,, pp 589, ISBN 0805353402;

Object-Oriented Software Engineering, A Use Case Driven Approach, Jacobson et. al., Addison-Wesley, pp 524, ISBN 0201544350

Designing Object-Oriented Software, Wirfs-Brock/Wilkerson/Wiener, PTR Prentice Hall, pp 341, ISBN 0-13-629825-7; Good introductory text, fairly easy reading and not intimidating

Object-Oriented Systems Analysis, Shlaer/Mellor, Yourdon Press, pp 144, ISBN 013629023X

Object Lifecycles: Modeling the World in States, Shlaer/Mellor, Yourdon Press, pp 251, ISBN 0-13-629940-7

Object-Oriented System Development, deChampeaux/Lea/Faure, Addison-Wesley, pp 532, ISBN 020156355X

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, Martin/Odell, Prentice Hall, pp 506, ISBN 0-13-630245-9

Object-Oriented Analysis, Coad/Yourdon, 2nd Ed., Yourdon Press, pp 233, ISBN 0136299814

Object-Oriented Design, Coad/Yourdon, Yourdon Press, pp 197, ISBN 0136300707

Object-Oriented Programming, Coad/Nicola, Yourdon Press, pp 582, ISBN 013032616X; For those who need a number of examples from different contexts. 

Other Object-Oriented Programming Books
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Distributed Object-Oriented Data Systems Design, Andleigh/Gretzinger, Prentice Hall, ISBN 0131749137

Object-Oriented Database Design, Brathwaite, Academic Press, ISBN 0121258823

An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming, Budd, Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0201547090

Object-Oriented Conceptual Modeling, Dillon/Tan, Prentice Hall, ISBN 0137129521

Object-Oriented Requirements Analysis and Design, Donald G. Firesmith, Wiley, pp 575, ISBN 047157807X

Object-Oriented Methods 2nd ed., Ian Graham, Addison-Wesley, pp 473, ISBN 0201593718

Object-Oriented Software Engineering, Halliday/Wiebel, R & D Technical Books, ISBN 0130344893

Object-Oriented Software Development, Lorenz, Prentice Hall, ISBN 0137269285

Object-Oriented Software Engineering, Winblad/Edwards/King, Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0201507366

Object-Oriented Systems - Planning & Implementation, Taylor, Wiley, pp 357, ISBN 0471543640 

Object-Oriented Books for Managers
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Object-Oriented Technology: A Manager's Guide, Taylor, Addison-Wesley, pp 147, ISBN 0201563584; A reasonably good guide for managers that cannot handle the introductory material from one of the books from the first section.

Succeeding with Objects: Decision Frameworks for Project Management, Goldberg & Rubin, Addison Wesley, pp 542, ISBN 0-201-62878-3

Object Solutions, Grady Booch, Addison Wesley, pp 323, ISBN 0-8053-0594-7 

Object-Oriented Databases
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Object-Oriented Databases, Khoshafian, Wiley, pp 362, ISBN 0471570583; A good overview for Object-Oriented Databases.

These books are collections of research papers and articles. As such, they are somewhat disjointed. If you're implementing an ODBMS, this may have some good stuff for you. If you want to use one to implement an application - pass!

Readings in Object-Oriented Database Systems, ed. by Zdonik/Maier, Morgan Kaufman, pp 629, ISBN 0558600000;

Object-Oriented Concepts, Databases, and Applications, ed. by Kim/Lochovsky, Addison-Wesley, pp 602, ISBN 0-201-14410-7

Object-Oriented Databases with Applications to CASE, Networks and VLSI CAD, ed. by Gupta/Horowitz, Prentice Hall, pp 447, ISBN 0-13-629833-8

Practical Application of Object-Oriented Techniques to Relational Databases, Donald Burleson, John Wiley & Sons, pp 250, ISBN 0-471-61225-1

Object Databases, The Essentials, Mary Loomis, Addison Wesley, pp 230, ISBN 0-201-56341-X

Object Data Management, Rick Cattell, Addison Wesley, pp 389, ISBN 0-201-54748-1 

Unsorted Books
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Reusable Software, The Base Object-Oriented Component Libraries, Bertrand Meyer, Prentice Hall, pp 514, ISBN 0-13-245499-8

Object-Oriented Systems Design, Edward Yourdon, Prentice Hall, pp 400, ISBN 0-13-636325-3

Information Modeling, An Object Oriented Approach, Hiam Kilov and James Ross, Prentice Hall, pp 268, ISBN 0-13-083033-X

Object Oriented Type Systems, Jens Palsberg and Michael Schwartzbach, John Wiley & Sons, pp 180, ISBN 0-471-94128-X

Object Oriented Software Construction, Bertrand Meyer, Prentice Hall, pp 534, ISBN 013629049-3

Inside Smalltalk, Volume 2, LaLone & Pugh, Prentice Hall, pp 553, ISBN 0-13-465964-3; Good discussion of ModelViewController from Smalltalk.

Object Lessons, Tom Love, SIGS Books, pp 266, ISBN 0-9627477-3-4

The Annotated C++ Reference Manual, Ellis & Stroustrup, Addison Wesley, pp 447, ISBN 0201514591

Object-Oriented Programming, An Evolutionary Approach, Brad Cox, Addison Wesley, pp 274, ISBN 0201103931

Object-Oriented Development, The Fusion Method, Coleman, et. al., Prentice Hall, pp 313, ISBN 0133388239

Object Orientation: The KISS Method, Gerald Kristen, Addison Wesley, pp 487, ISBN 0201422999

Essays on Object-Oriented Software Engineering, Edward Berard, Prentice Hall, pp 352, ISBN 0132888955

Hierarchical ObjectOriented Design, Peter J. Robinson, Prentice Hall, pp 238, ISBN 013390816X HOOD was developed for the European Space Agency, and is primarily intended for software to be developed in Ada.

The Object Database Standard: ODMG-93, ed. by Rick Cattell, Morgan Kaufmann Publ., pp 169, ISBN 1558603026

ObjectOriented Design for C++, Tsvi BarDavid, Prentice Hall, pp 304, ISBN 0136302602

Object Analysis and Design, Description of Methods, ed. by Andrew T. F. Hutt, John Wiley & Sons, pp 202, ISBN 0471623660

ObjectOriented Software Engineering, The Professional Developer's Guide, George Wilkie, Addison Wesley, pp 399, ISBN 0-201-62767-1

The C++ Programming Language, 2nd ed., Bjarne Stroustrup, Addison Wesley, pp 669, ISBN 0201539926

Advanced C++, Programming Styles and Idioms, James Coplien, Addison Wesley, pp 520, ISBN 0201548550

Object Engineering: The Fourth Dimension, Phillipe Desfray, Addison Wesley, pp 342, ISBN 0201-42288-3

Using the Booch Method, A Rational Approach, Iseult White, Benjamin Cummings, pp 208, ISBN 0-8053-0614-5

Distributed Object-Oriented Data Systems Design, Andleigh and Gretzinger, PTR Prentice Hall, pp 495, ISBN 0-13-174913-7

The Object Advantage, Business Process Reengineering with Object Technology, Jacobson et. al., Addison Wesley, pp 347, ISBN 0-201-42289-1

Business Engineering with Object Technology, David Taylor, John Wiley & Sons, pp 188, ISBN 0-471-04521-7

Pitfalls of Object-Oriented Development, Bruce Webster, M&T Books (div. of MIT Press), pp 256, ISBN 1-55851-397-3

Designing Object-Oriented C++ Applications Using the Booch Method, Robert Martin, Prentice Hall, pp 528, ISBN 0-13-203837-4

Succeeding with the Booch and OMT Methods, A Practical Approach, Lockheed Martin Advanced Concepts Center and Rational Software Corporation, Addison Wesley, pp 378, ISBN 0-8053-2279-5

Object-Oriented Design Heuristics, Arthur Riel, Addison Wesley, pp 379, ISBN - 0-201-63385-X 

Pattern Books
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Object Models, Strategies, Patterns & Applications, Coad, et. al., Yourdon Press, pp 505, ISBN 0-13-108614-6

Design Patterns, Erich Gamma, et. al., Addison-Wesley, pp 395, ISBN 0-201-63361-2

Design Patterns for ObjectOriented Software Development, Wolfgang Pree, Addison Weslsy, pp 268, ISBN 0201422948

Pattern Languages of Program Design, ed. by Coplien & Schmidt, Addison Wesley, pp 562, ISBN 0-201-60734-4

Analysis Patterns, Martin Fowler, Addison Wesley, pp 357, ISBN 0-201-8952-0 

User Interface Books
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Designing Object-Oriented User Interfaces, Dave Collins, Benjamin Cummings, pp. 589, ISBN 0-8053-5350-X

Designing Visual Interfaces, Kevin Mullet & Darrell Sano, Prentice Hall, pp 273, ISBN 0-13-303389-9

Requirements Books
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Exploring Requirements - Quality Before Design, Gause & Weinberg, Dorset House, pp 299, ISBN 0-932633-13-7

Software Requirements & Specifications, Michael Jackson, Addison Wesley, pp 228, ISBN 0-201-87712-0

System Requirements Engineering, Loucopoulos & Karakostas, McGraw Hill, pp 160, ISBN 0-07-707843-8

Java Books
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The Java FAQ, Jonni Kanerva, Addison Wesley, pp 324, ISBN 0-201-63456-2

Hooked on Java, van Hoff, Shaio & Starbuck, Addison Wesley, pp 181, ISBN 0-2-1-48837-X

Java in a Nutshell, David Flanagan, O'Reilly & Associates, pp 438, ISBN 1-56592-183-6

Java Threads, Scott Oaks & Henry Wong, O'Reilly & Associates, pp 252, ISBN 1-56592-216-6

Concurrent Programming in Java, Doug Lea, Addison Wesley, pp 339, ISBN 0-201-69581-2

Java Network Programming, Elliotte Rusty Harold, O'Reilly & Associates, pp 422, ISBN 1-56592-227-1

Java Network Programming, Hughes, et.al., Manning Publications, pp 519, ISBN 0-13-841206-5

Advanced Java Networking, Prashant Sridharan, Prentice Hall, pp368, ISBN 0-13-749136-0

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The CORBA Reference Guide, Alan Pope, Addison Wesley, pp 407, ISBN 0-201-63386-8

Understanding CORBA, Otte, Patrick & Roy, Prentice Hall, pp 374, ISBN 0-13-459884-9

Miscellaneous Books
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Managing Expectations - Working with People Who Want More, Better, Faster Sooner, NOW!, Naomi Karten, Dorset House, pp 216, ISBN 0-932633-27-7

Data Model Patterns, David Hay, Dorset House, pp 268, ISBN 0-932633-29-3

Threads Primer, Bil Lewis & Daniel Berg, Prentice Hall, pp 319, ISBN 0-13-443698-9

Sciences of the Artificial, 2nd ed., Herbert Simon, MIT Press, pp 247, ISBN 0-262-19193-8




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