Management Services

Trinadex offers management consulting services in the areas of Interim or Supplemental Management, Due Diligence, and Project Methodology.

Interim or Supplmental Management

Sometimes, even an experienced management team can find itself with more to do than they have time to do it. In this case, the members of the management team may wish for the ability to clone themselves. Delegating isn't a suitable alternative, because the tasks reqiure the experience of a C-level executive. But, there isn't one available.

In other cases, the unexpected departure of a member of the management team creates a void that needs to be filled with an experienced executive that can provide management continuitywhile a search is completed.

In either of these cases, Trinadex can provide the management expertise of seasoned C-level executives that have managed engineering and professional services organizations, small and large. We can provide:

Project Planning

Estimation and Scheduling

Team Building

Software Development Lifecycle

Project Recovery

Don't let a sudden departure or excess workload affect your organization. Call Trinadex today.

Due Diligence

Trinadex can also help evaluate new and emerging technologies and businesses based on them. Trinadex has extensive experience the following areas:

Enterprise Applications


Content Distribution


Web Technologies

Supply Chain Management

Customer Relationship Management

Product Configuration Management

Distributed Object Technologies

More (see Customers page)

and can provide assistance when evaluating companies whose business model revolves around one of them.

Project Methodology

Every software development project must carry you from the problem to the completed solution. Unfortunately, there isn't a single software process that works for all projects. There are many different factors for each project that determine exactly which process is right for that project.

For example, developing a small, departmental web application would likely utilize a different process than and enterprise class financial system. A shrink-wrapped accounting system would utilize a different software proecss than software for a pacemaker.

Failure to recognize this, and adoption of the wrong software development methodology, can result in project delays, loss of visibility, poor focus, and even project failure.

Our extensive experience has helped us develop a set of extremely unique, specialized project methodologies that are based on a number of factors, including:

Type of software

Software mission

Deployment model

Breadth of distribution

Let Trinadex help you be successful by selecting and deploying a software process that is tailored for your organization and the type of software it develops.


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