Security Consulting Services

Trinadex offers security consulting in the following areas:

Threat Assessment

Risk Analysis

Access Control Systems

Intrusion Detection

Wireless Issues

Attack Signatures

Firewalls Types & Configurations


Encryption & Data Transmission Security

Digital Signatures


Physical Security

Security Awareness Training

In today's security environment, everyone is faced with the ongoing threat of network/system intrusion, as well as virus propogation. Each attacker has their own reasons for wanting to inflict harm on your networ and/or hosts. But, the bottom line is - you're still affected, sometimes dramatically so.

So, let Trinadex help you keep your network worry free. Give us a call today!

Wireless Security

Companies are adopting wireless technologies at a rapid rate. Uses of wireless applications range from extending corporate services externally to employees using hand-held devices to organizations rethinking their deployment strategies for using or extending hard-wired networks. Unfortunately, most of today's deployments are not adequately secured and expose organizations to unnecessary and unexpected risks that could lead to a significant security breach.

Trinadex is a leader in securing this important new technology. Trinadex consultants have deployed multiple wireless technologies at multiple locations. Some of these include WiFi (802.11), 1XRTT and proprietary technologies. In fact, Trinadex's primary connection to the Internet utilizes wireless WAN technology.

Additoinally, we stay abreast of all security issues related to wireless technology and can counsel you on the pros and cons of implementing a wireless network at your location, and the best way to secure it.

We work with the most successful companies of varying industries in the world. We help our clients understand the power of the wireless movement and provide them with practical advice that is easily applicable. For example, in the wireless space, there are many competing and immature standards. We help our clients to develop wireless approaches that will insulate their deployments from the inevitable changes in these underlying protocols and standards.

Wireless technology is a powerful tool. Reliance on it is growing exponentially. Trinadex will help you to harness the power of wireless applications and to capitalize on its increasing acceptance while ensuring that your resources, assets, and confidential information remain secure and protected.


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