System Architecture

Creating robust, massively-scalable enterprise systems in today's environment requires knowledge of hardware, software and networking architecture, familiarity with the latest technologies, an understanding of sound architectural principles, and experience in actually building these types of systems.

It also requires a marriage of many different technologies, including:

Web Browsers

Servlet Engines and JSPs

Enterprise Java Bean Servers

Messaging components

Relational Databases

Object-to-relational mapping layers

and "orthogonal" technologies such as:

Security - single sign-on and access control



It also requires a good understanding of 3-tier architectures, concurrency models, transaction management, database design and tuning, network design,

And, finally, it requires a good understanding of the user requirements, the transaction patterns of the application, and uptime requirements, plus a knowledge of the deployment environment.

Trinadex consultants have extensive experience in architecting all types of systems from massively-scalable, mission-critical, enterprise systems that required global deployment to smaller, departmental systems.

Regardless of your system size, Trinadex can help you develop an acritecture that meets your requirements for scalability, robustness and cost.


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