Trinadex offers a comprehensive set of training courses to assist organizations in getting started and being more productive with all forms of Object technology, including Distributed Object Systems, Enterprise Applications and Web Services.

If your organization is just getting started with object technology, consider our Introduction to Object Technology. This course provides a great introduction to object technology for those with no (or little) prior exposure.

If executive management is considering transitioning to object technology, our Executive Overview of Object Technology is an excellent orientation to object technology for managers, directors and C-level executives that need to understand the benefits of object technology and the differences from traditional development.

Distributed Object-Oriented Analysis and Design - our flagship course in developing Enterprise Applications - is a five day workshop for people and teams that want to learn the right way to build these systems. It is also a great way to get an entire team trained in the same methodology to avoid the "Tower of Babel" that can occur with people from different backgrounds.

As managers transition their groups from traditional development methodologies to object-oriented techniques, our course entitled Managing Object-Oriented Development Projects will help understand the differences that are critical to a project manager and how to best apply the technology for success.

Once your team has had some exposure to object technology (a few months at least), our Advanced Object-Oriented Design Techniques course will help take your developers to the next level in understanding the object paradigm and making them more productive than ever.



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